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9 Steps to take to successfully implement an integrated ERP system

Accounting to ERP.

Changing vital systems can be very disruptive to daily operations. Despite the potential disruption, changing from an accounting-only package to an integrated business management system gives businesses massive value, as well as a real competitive advantage.

By implementing a solution that fits the business and the industry it operates in properly, SMEs gain greater control over their entire business. They are able to support all departments more effectively and leverage the power of data in an increasingly connected and competitive business landscape.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems combine accounting, project management, business operations, customer service actions and data in a single solution to provide clear, reliable and up to date insights for more effective business management.

To help growing businesses in Africa maximise the return on investment on their systems, Seidor has developed a 9-step plan that provides a basic framework to kick start the decision-making process. “This plan should facilitate and promote future growth for SMEs as it guides them through the process of moving from an accounting package to a full ERP system,” says Elaine Havenga, Group Marketing Manager of Seidor Africa.

Here are the 9 Steps Seidor recommends for a successful move from accounting to an ERP system:

1: Take a look at your entire operation and identify the critical issues that can make or break your business

2: List your requirements before comparing solutions and service providers

3: Consider the functionality that you need from an ERP system

4: Think about your business goals to set up a future-fit system

5: Make sure you understand your budget

6: Carefully consider your user count and the user types

7: Determine how you want to do your business reporting

8: Decide where you want your data to be stored

9: Choose a long-term technology partner

“Each of these steps involves the consideration of various options depending on the available service providers in your area as well as the industry or type of business involved. Taking the time to ensure that you include each of these steps in your due diligence will certainly serve your business well”, says Havenga. “Digital transformation can be unsettling for staff members at all levels but with the help of a trusted technology partner it can be just the kind of disruption needed to shake up and move your business to a whole new level.”

So let’s book a coffee, and let us assist you in investigating ERP and the benefits it can bring to your organisation.

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Moving from Accounting to ERP

Written by Elaine Havenga

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