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Believe in yourself and success will follow Raquel Ribeiro Brites, HR officer, Seidor Africa

You can achieve anything if you just have trust in yourself and your team. That’s one of the most important lessons Raquel Ribeiro Brites, HR officer at Seidor Africa, has learnt in the course of her career.

Creating great teams is about engaging team members’ hearts and heads. But it begins with self-trust. It is an  asset that is just as important as skill, knowledge, or even experience.

“My role is to ensure that the bond between employee and employer is always intact, productive and rewarding,” she says. “To accomplish these objectives, self-confidence is necessary. Trust in myself has given me the ability to trust my team and to have a positive influence on others.”

Ribeiro Brites has a BCom in marketing from the University of South Africa. She began her career in 2008, working for accounting firm, De Gouveia & Associates, part-time while she studied.

In 2011, she joined One-Call Insurance as a debit order administrator. A year later she moved to Bluekey Software Solutions to take on the role of sales administrator. It was in 2014 that she entered the world of HR, when she was appointed HR assistant at Bluekey Software Solutions. Four years later she was promoted to HR Officer at the company, now Seidor Africa.

“The turning point in my career came when I realised that no matter the size of the project the impact is key,” she says. “how it affects all stakeholders is what defines its success.”

Ribeiro Brites has dedicated time and energy to developing her leadership, communication and motivational skills. Making these investments in her personal growth is what has enabled her to develop the self-confidence required in the workplace.

“To ensure that our positive company culture is developed and maintained, requires us all to focus on continuous improvement,” she adds. “Knowing your worth and working hard to better yourself is the keystone to happiness at work and in life.”

At home, Ribeiro Brites relaxes by watching movies, doing Zumba and spending time with family and friends.

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