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9 Steps to take to successfully implement an integrated business management system


Step 4 – Implementing ERP -Think about your business goals and objectives

What are your business goals and objectives? An important question in the move from accounting to an ERP system Knowing where you want to go is a key step in finding the right business management system to get you there. Running a changing business can feel like a juggling act. During the early days, you can keep up with the basic paperwork and reports using an accounting system and still find time to manage staff and client relationships well. However,

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Accounting to ERP

Step 5 – Understand your budget when moving from accounting to ERP

Moving from accounting software to an ERP (integrated business management system) is a considerable expense for any SME and the cost versus value equation is one that any business owner will prioritise when making the decision. As each business has specific needs and requirements as well as costs they are carrying due to inefficiencies, the first priority is to get expert advice from a business partner who takes the time to listen and understand your business needs. Their experience will

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Womens Month 2020

In the world of COVID-19

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How ERP solutions help the retail pharmacy sector gain valuable business insights

By Lionel de Oliveira, Sales Manager South Africa, Seidor Africa The pharmaceutical industry is faced with a multitude of challenges, including a rapidly changing landscape, competitive pressures, and the supply chain challenges wrought by the global COVID-19 outbreak. With a COVID-19 vaccine likely to be available in early 2021, we can expect even more pressure on the distribution chain. Besides the key need of having a solution which is designed specifically for pharmacies, other needs of this sector are an

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What tech lies ahead? 6 things to expect in 2021

By Pedro Lopes, Group Managing Director South Africa, Seidor Africa By mid-March 2020, business plans went out the window and many shifted focus from thriving to surviving.  Pedro Lopes, group managing director, Seidor Africa says that “Technology trends will increasingly evolve in line with our online and digital lives in 2021.” He explores what else 2021 will bring: Business management systems are more important than ever Challenges differ from one organisation to the next, but business needs remain the same.

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Blog-Think Tank img Terrence Chowles

Unlock business growth with cloud-based, intelligent ERP

By Terrence Chowles, project director, Seidor Networks South Africa The race to constantly innovate, to stay ahead and remain relevant, has never been tougher. In a world of information at our fingertips, consumer expectations are more demanding than ever. As a result, there is an increasing pressure on businesses to show results and growth like as never before. Businesses are expected to react quickly, act faster, and at the same time make informed predictions to command competitive advantage. Business leaders

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Technology Medical

Technology in the Medical Distribution Industry

Handling today’s medical distribution challenges By Sean Fowles New Business Sales, Seidor Africa Technology within the medical distribution industry is not new. The medical industry is under constant pressure to ensure attention to detail, adherence to strict methodologies, and regulatory compliance. There is no room for errors. Add to that the burden placed on healthcare ecosystems around the world in 2020 with the outbreak of COVID-19. Shortages of medicine and other healthcare supplies have affected countries globally. In South Africa,

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ERP 2020

9 Observations of 2020 in review

2020 in review By Heinrich de Leeuw, MD, Seidor South Africa. 2020 has changed everything. Company goals and objectives were upended by COVID-19, and the tech industry has been forever shifted. All sectors have faced enormous challenges over the past year. It’s important to take some time to reflect on the impact that local and global events have had on our business, our industry and our customers. While brick and mortar stores took a hit, the pandemic led to unparalleled

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Believe in yourself and success will follow Raquel Ribeiro Brites, HR officer, Seidor Africa

You can achieve anything if you just have trust in yourself and your team. That’s one of the most important lessons Raquel Ribeiro Brites, HR officer at Seidor Africa, has learnt in the course of her career. Creating great teams is about engaging team members’ hearts and heads. But it begins with self-trust. It is an  asset that is just as important as skill, knowledge, or even experience. “My role is to ensure that the bond between employee and employer

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