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  • Accounting to ERP Changing vital systems can be very disruptive to daily operations. Despite the potential disruption, changing from an accounting-only package to an integrated business management system gives businesses massive value, as well as a real competitive advantage. By implementing a solution that fits the business and the industry it operates in properly, SMEs gain greater control over their entire business. They are able to support all departments more effectively and leverage the power of data in an increasingly
  • Digital transformation and end-to-end information management In March the Institute of Supply Chain Management conducted the first phase of a survey that investigated what impact COVID-19 would have on businesses and supply chains.  The results were staggering with nearly 75 percent of companies reporting supply chain disruptions in some capacity due to transportation restrictions, and more than 80 percent who believed that their organisation would experience some impact because of COVID-19 disruptions. While this survey was conducted in the United States, there
  • Covid-19 has changed the world in just a few weeks Financial managers are having a tough time in a world where Covid-19 has changed the world in just a few weeks. If they were concerned before about adapting to unexpected changes to financial forecasts and rapidly evolving business models, aligning strategic, financial and operational plans and analysing data across the business to develop cost containment strategies, these concerns are now causing them to lay awake at night. Fortunately, technology has