In-Memory Computing with SAP Business One – speed, intelligence & analytics within a single system specifically designed for SMEs


SAP HANA for SAP Business One is uniquely designed to meet the challenges faced by small and midsize companies, especially in industries that need to quickly process large volumes of data. SAP HANA combines OLAP and OLTP processing into a single in-memory database, which delivers far faster access to stored data than traditional disk-based storage.

Combining rapid database transactions with real-time data analysis, the software allows you to process huge quantities of information instantly, meaning you see the most up-to-date dashboards and insights. In-memory computing allows you to execute analytic queries without slowing down other processes. SAP Business One is quickly integrated with all your existing databases, allowing you to easily coordinate queries between separate data sets.

SAP HANA unleashes the potential of big data with a full suite of easily customised analysis tools. Using the intuitive user interface, your employees will be able to rapidly generate actionable insights that power effective, data-driven decisions.


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What do you get with SAP Business One HANA?

Leverage all the functionality of SAP Business One with faster processing between applications for financials, inventory and customer relationship management

Rapidly process large volumes of data in a variety of structured and unstructured formats via a single in-memory column based data store

Simplify calculation-intensive reports, such as inventory analysis, with predefined templates for repeatable, reliable reporting

Freestyle enterprise search allows you to search all the data in SAP Business One, with a predefined semantic layer that powers queries using familiar business terminology or business intelligence tools without needing to know where the data resides

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