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Real-time insights for project leaders.

An emphasis on budgeting, reporting, procurement, invoicing and project control helps NGOs report on what matters, while maintaining control over projects, grants and budgets.

If you are like many other NGOs, your work day is full of spreadsheets, complications, following up with case workers and employees and controlling processes. As your NGO grows, so do the challenges associated with managing its time, financials, budgets and projects. 

Without an integrated and automated solution, increased complexity can quickly overwhelm your current processes, giving rise to inefficiencies and inaccuracies that can lead to missed opportunities and revenue.

Our solutions address your fundamental business requirements with finance, sales, CRM, Business Management, Integration and more. This functionality is further expanded for NGOs by placing emphasis on budgeting, reporting, procurement, invoicing and project control. 

This provides project leaders and managers with the real-time insight they need to better maintain and control projects, grants and budgets.

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Key Features

Meet core business needs in a single, integrated software solution that can be expanded as your business grows. 

Accounting: Automatically handle all key accounting processes, such as journal entries, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

Controlling (or cost accounting): Accurately manage projects, cash flow, track budgets, and compare actual and planned figures.

Banking and reconciliation: Quickly process all reconciliations and all bank statements and payments by various methods, including checks, cash, credit cards, and bank transfers.

Financial reporting and analysis: Create a wide range of standard or customized financial reports from real-time data for business planning and audit reviews. Reports that is easy to understand and with an instant view across the business.

Reporting and administration: Access critical business information to generate timely and accurate reports.

  • SAP Business One
  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Cloud, Security and Infrastructure

SAP Business One for NGOs is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business management software application, specifically for small and midsize businesses. 

  • NGO support includes: Grant Budgeting
  • Procurement and Invoicing
  • Multi-Currency Actual vs Budget Reporting
  • Foreign Currency Budget vs. Actual Reporting
  • Improved Administration efficiency
  • Grant Management Cashflow Report
  • Pre-approved grant opportunity tracking
  • Advanced grant and budgetary controls
  • Grantor compliance
  • Effective Procurement Cycle
  • Spend and Claim processing
  • Integrated Processes in SAP® Business One
  • Instant and real-time access for project managers
  • Timeous invoicing of Grantors in Multi-currency
  • Internal and external grant reporting in real time
  • Monthly budget to expenditure reporting

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign is the cloud ERP solution for medium sized enterprises. By accessing 40 years of continuous software innovation aligned to industry best practices, NGO businesses can ensure that they are able to manage their entire organization through a single cloud ERP solution. 

Business Intelligence & Analytics

As the best Data Analytics consultants and Microsoft BI consultants for small and medium businesses in South Africa, Seidor Analytics provides business intelligence solutions through consultation based on your industry’s specific needs.

Through consultation, the Seidor Analytics team is able to gain valuable insights into your NGO business operations. These insights provide a thorough understanding of your unique requirements and will drive appropriate decision-making processes. 

Cloud, Security & Infrastructure

Offering a unique, proactive service supporting a wide range of hardware and software systems, Seidor Networks’ success comes from our reputation in providing a high quality of service and the strong long-term relationships we develop with our customers.

We focus on understanding your unique industry requirements, and our expertise includes Network Infrastructure & Monitoring, Network Design & Consulting, Cyber Security, Cloud Solutions, Project Management and Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery.

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