Stock Control and Production Planning with SAP Business One Inventory control


With a single integrated system, SAP Business One helps manage warehouse stock and production planners will get accurate information about all product movements across the entire production process. Material requirements planning and multilevel bill of materials functionality will allow you to manage items for production with ease. In the warehouse, enhanced visibility of your stock allows you to improve responsiveness to supply chain variations so you can optimise stock levels, minimise stock outs or surplus, and ensure maximum profitability.

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What do you get with SAP Business One Inventory Control?

Stock Costing: manage stock using standard costing, moving average, FIFO, and actual cost.

Bin Location Management: manage stock in multiple warehouses, set up allocation rules, optimise stock movement, and reduce picking times.

Stock Movements: manage outbound shipments, transfers between warehouses, consignments, stock adjustments (goods receipt, goods issue), drop-shipments and cycle counts.

Production and Material Requirements Planning (MRP): using the production module, maintain multilevel BOMs, production orders, and issues and receipts from production. The MRP module recommends production orders to create based on existing demand, forecasts and current stock.

Efficient Reporting: generate reports with accurate location and transfer tracking in real time.

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