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At Seidor Networks, we build client relationships based on personalised service, total outsourcing and an understanding that our clients are as passionate about their business as we are about ours.

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By understanding our customers’ businesses and keeping things simple, we are able to provide personalised on-premise and cloud platforms and services to suit their needs. The result?

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Security threats are a thing of the past

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Seidor Networks provides managed services ranging from monitoring, support and firewalling to Internet connectivity, hosting and security, allowing you to focus on your business.

Seidor Firewall Pro is a fully managed Firewall as a Service (FaaS) offering that is designed to ensure a high level of security with reporting, while ensuring Internet uptime with auto-failover technology, keeping your networks secure against ever evolving security threats.

The SFPro keeps your employees connected to the Internet with auto-failover capability that is agnostic to any Internet provider and Active Directory integration authenticates users with their company account details, allowing the network administrator to create and manage security groups without changing Firewall rules.

Unsolicited site access is controlled and managed by Category and Application blocking based on the user’s authenticated Active Directory account, whether accessing the Internet from their computer or mobile device.

Create and manage your own VPN network with secure inter-branch VPN access over the Internet, with VPN auto-failover while external users connect to the VPN from their mobile accounts, securing your network from within and externally.

Reports are based on the users Active Directory account, ensuring that there are no mistaken identities when analysing your data. There are many standard reports to choose from and monthly reporting is included in the service.

Limit your exposure to physical hardware failure by leveraging always-available, geo-redundant cloud backup technologies. Ensure your backups are available for restore when needed most and eliminate the need for back-up reports.

Manage your backups from a live dashboard with the ability to drill down to backup logs at the click of a button. Our Cloud Backup is designed around dashboards and is ideal for IT Managers to keep tabs on success rates.

With enterprise backup functionality now available for Cloud Backups, companies can secure their data cost-effectively in the Cloud (and locally) with longer retention periods and the peace of mind that their data is securely encrypted in transport and retention.

There is no longer a need to selectively backup your data, as the Seidor Networks Cloud Backup retains your entire Virtual Server in the cloud, with the ability to restore files, databases or an entire Virtual Server. Quick restore times are easily achievable with a local backup being the primary restore point.

Encrypted Cloud Backup archives are available for extended retention periods and standby Virtual Machine images are available for Disaster Recovery purposes.

Keep your business running with Seidor Networks’ Disaster Recovery solutions. We can tailor solutions to meet your Business Continuity objectives and ensure the impact to you and your customers are minimized.

How do you align your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans? Let us do a risk assessment on your network environment to create a DR plan that meets your Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

With increasing security threats, DR is more important than ever, but there are many DR solutions and options on offer and each of them has a different cost. We can develop a DR plan that addresses your needs and suits your budget.

Dedicated monitoring of your mission critical servers, Internet lines, backups and you server room environment, 7 days a week. We resolve potential issues before they occur.

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) is the live heartbeat centre for all of our customer’s connectivity, Firewalls, server hardware and services, backups, anti-virus, server room environment monitoring and many other services. Remote monitoring allows us to anticipate and fix problems immediately, without the need to despatch an on-site engineer.

The NOC conveniently operates 7 days a week, so we can ensure corrective measures are taken for solving problems before you open your doors for business. Live dashboards are used for all monitoring to allow us to use exception-based reporting as an early warning system.

Our qualified technical team manages and executes the design, implementation and support of your network environment. Your business is dependent on your network and systems being available at all times. Remote connectivity and support allow us to diagnose and potentially repair a fault without travel delays.

Support services include:

  • Full-service support desk
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Server maintenance and support
  • IT infrastructure management
  • Permanent and temporary on-site IT support engineers

Cloud Hosting Services enables your business to leverage enterprise-class technology without the need for capital expenditure, and gives your IT strategy agility to adapt to the business’s growing demands.

Host your business applications in a private or public cloud environment on dedicated or virtual platforms in Tier-1 data centres. Give your business the flexibility it demands by creating an IT cloud strategy that suits your strategy and your pocket.

All hosting platforms are not equal and each platform has its place in the market, so how do you choose the correct platform for your business? Let us help you make the right choice by designing a flexible solution for you.

Our cloud platforms include:

    • Private cloud hosting
    • Public cloud hosting
    • Collocation
    • Virtual data centre
    • Dedicated hosting
    • Consumer virtual hosting

Temperature, humidity, smoke and access detection sensors located in your server rooms are linked to our NOC. These are monitored 7 days a week, giving you peace of mind that your costly assets are operating in a secure environment.

The Seidor Networks Monitor Pro is an environment monitoring and management appliance with wireless sensors that give you the peace of mind that your server room controls are operating normally.

Sensors report back to our NOC and are monitored on an exception basis, with automated SMS and email alerts for any environment variables that are out of range.

Customers have access to their dashboards that allow IT departments to have NOC monitoring and their own in-house monitoring, if required.

Environment monitoring sensors include:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Water / flood
  • AC power
  • Door access
  • Many other sensors available

The Seidor Networks Projects team can assist you with the delivery of your IT strategy objectives through proven Project Management methodologies. Whether you need change management, project delivery or project assurance, our team has the skill and experience you’re looking for.

Downtime affects your business in many ways and usually happens at the worst possible time. Change control is a systematic approach to managing changes in an environment without disrupting daily operations. project management is therefore paramount to any change within your network.

Our experienced and technically-focused project team uses PM methodologies to plan, execute and close projects within given time frames. The project team is dedicated to projects and operates independently of the daily technical support structures, so they are exclusively focused on project deadlines.

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