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Seidor Africa - 9 Steps to take to successfully implement an integrated business management system

Data Storage

Step 8 – Data Storage – a Vital Consideration for Businesses

Just how important is Data Storage to your business? A business’s data is one of its most valuable assets, and therefore how and where to store it is a critical decision. There are four main options when it comes to data storage: Data residing on-premise: data lives on hardware in a company’s server room or in the region, such as South Africa. This data is hosted by the business and not a 3rd party. Data residing off-premise: this is a local or

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Accounting to ERP Step 9

Step 9 – Pick the right long term technology partner

If you are a small business owner who has realised that the time has come to move on from mainly relying on your accounting software to an integrated business management system, you are on the brink of an exciting journey towards the digital transformation of your business. Moving from accounting to ERP. An important step in implementing the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for your business is to decide who you will trust to be your long-term technology partner.

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ERP for small businesses

ERP is an option for small businesses: Be smarter, faster and automated.

Contrary to popular belief, ERP is a good option for start-ups and small to medium businesses, especially now, following the impact of the pandemic. With COVID-19 having accelerated change, the need for real-time data to enable optimal decision-making and month-to-month planning in a disrupted environment has never been more pressing. It is said that the current best formula for successful business is to be smarter, faster and automated. That’s what makes an ERP system a strategic investment right now to

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How ERP solutions help the retail pharmacy sector gain valuable business insights

By Lionel de Oliveira, Sales Manager South Africa, Seidor Africa The pharmaceutical industry is faced with a multitude of challenges, including a rapidly changing landscape, competitive pressures, and the supply chain challenges wrought by the global COVID-19 outbreak. With a COVID-19 vaccine likely to be available in early 2021, we can expect even more pressure on the distribution chain. Besides the key need of having a solution which is designed specifically for pharmacies, other needs of this sector are an

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In the world of COVID-19 with Seidor Africa


eCommerce – Aphix Software and Seidor Announce Business Partnership

During the COVID epidemic, it has become increasingly clear how important an eCommerce site can be for any business.  Aphix Software is delighted to announce an exciting new business partnership with leading Johannesburg based SAP Business One provider Seidor Africa. Together with Aphix Software, Seidor Africa can offer its customers a fully scalable, multi-channel eCommerce solution that’s seamlessly integrated in real-time with SAP Business One. eCommerce and SAP Business One   The Aphix suite of eCommerce solutions includes B2B trade

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ERP in Healthcare

Why tailored ERP solutions make sense for the healthcare industry

The World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on 11 March, prompting lockdowns in many countries around the world, including South Africa. Companies in the healthcare sector are usually insulated from economic disruption due to the steady demand for medical products and procedures, but the impact of the coronavirus is different, because of its medical nature. As a result, this has had numerous short, medium, and long-term impacts on the healthcare industry. Why use an ERP system within your

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SAP Business One

Remote working SME

Remote working the only option for SMEs in a new world, midst and post the Covid-19 crisis

It’s Not Too Late To Adapt!   Zambia’s lockdown, in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic has radically highlighted that SMEs need access to accurate information and robust systems. The impact of the pandemic on SME’s has already had far reaching implications and many sectors have found that they are not prepared for remote working. While businesses offering essential services are allowed to have teams operating on site during lockdown, this doesn’t mean that non-essential businesses need to halt all

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Profit margin

Control your profit margins with an ERP solution that goes beyond accounting

Any small business owner knows how important it is to control profit margins. Profit margins show how much money the business is making, as well as the general health of the business and any problems that need attention. Controlling profit margins enables business owners to know how profitable they are and determine if money flowing out of the business is the result of core business activities or expenses. “This is especially important for growing businesses to stay ahead of their

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