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Seidor Africa - 9 Steps to take to successfully implement an integrated business management system

In the world of COVID-19 with Seidor Africa

SAP Business One

ERP in Healthcare

Why tailored ERP solutions make sense for the healthcare industry

The World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on 11 March, prompting lockdowns in many countries around the world, including South Africa. Companies in the healthcare sector are usually insulated from economic disruption due to the steady demand for medical products and procedures, but the impact of the coronavirus is different, because of its medical nature. As a result, this has had numerous short, medium, and long-term impacts on the healthcare industry. Why use an ERP system within your

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ERP for small businesses

ERP is an option for small businesses: Be smarter, faster and automated.

Contrary to popular belief, ERP is a good option for start-ups and small to medium businesses, especially now, following the impact of the pandemic. With COVID-19 having accelerated change, the need for real-time data to enable optimal decision-making and month-to-month planning in a disrupted environment has never been more pressing. It is said that the current best formula for successful business is to be smarter, faster and automated. That’s what makes an ERP system a strategic investment right now to

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